Surbex Natopherol Bio-Enhanced Vitamin E 250 I.U 2×60’s

Surbex Natopherol Bio-Enhanced Vitamin E 250 I.U 2×60’s


Natural Source of Vitamin E with 2-3 times more absorption capability in Aqua-Biosorb soft gelatin capsules.

USAGE : A Vitamin E supplement for adults.




– Derived from soya beans

– Contains the active source of natural Vitamin E d-alpha tocopherol, in a proven and patented system – Aqua-Biosorb vehicle that helps to increase the absorption of Vitamin E

– 250 I.U. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant to fight off free radical generation

– Natopherol Bio-Enhanced with a higher proven bioavailability enables Vitamin E to disperse rapidly in the stomach for efficient absorption

– Your body can enjoy all the health protection benefits of Vitamin E

– Convenient once-a-day dosage

– Can be taken any time of the day, regardless of meals

– Formulated with Bio-Enhanced Technology for optimal absorption